Nothing to wear?? Make a dress!

After getting VERY tired of clothes I love no longer  fitting me after my …umm… very good, but food filled winter, I decided to make a dress fit just for me!

Fashion Designer Angela Kane of  angelakane.com  throws us a saving grace now that the weather is changing and it’s time to step out in our fine flirty outfits again, but maybe most of them don’t fit (yet).  Angela brings us a free pinafore dress pattern with many size choices once you register with the site.

I used a stretchy dark blue denim fabric that will fit no matter how may pounds I drop later while on my (ahem) diet.  The pattern was really easy to follow and she even posted several step by step videos on YouTube to guide you through the process!

How to make a dress

So if you are feeling like a new look custome fit for you, give it a try!